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They travel further to the different parts of the body, to their designated locations respectively to create a seamless connectivity from every part of the body and the brain. These signals are bidirectional carrying information to brain as well as bring the action signals to the body as directed by the brain round clock.

Spinal column has an interesting alignment of vertebral bones one over the other, interlocked by fine joints and supported by muscles of the back to maintain the posture, stability, mobility and flexibility. Primarily the spinal column contains the spinal cord and protects it. Hence spinal cord has millions of nerve cables called tracts that carry valuable information between the body and the brain. Thus brain is able to direct, execute and supervise all the activities of day to day life.

Between the childhood to old age spine undergoes varieties of changes that include growth, posture, maintenance of position, movements of neck and lower back, degeneration, spondylosis, injuries, Tumors and mechanical strain leading to pain and discomfort. Therefore handling spine is very delicate especially with different kind of problems occurring at different ages. The imaging(MRI Scan), micro neurosurgery, minimally invasive spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, intra operative 3D imaging of the spine, intra operative electro physiological monitoring, spinal cord stimulation techniques, spinal implants and devices, spinal regeneration and finally Neuro Rehabilitation has made spine care and surgery very sophisticated and highly advanced. The posture of an individual depends upon spine health ultimately. Spine makes one stand stable and straight forward. Hence the aphorism “ spineless individual "for those who are not upright".

THE COMPREHENSIVE SPINE CARE Programme at BRAINS SUPERSPECIALITY HOSPITAL has all these facilities under one roof as a centre of excellence for spine care. Our goal is to provide patient centric, goal oriented, tailor made treatments for every patient to make them as self sufficient as possible. Apart from the facilities the highly trained, experienced and skilled team will offer complete and comprehensive care. The team has Neuro spine surgeons, Ortho spine surgeons, Endoscopic spine surgeons, Minimally invasive spine surgeons, Paeditric neuro and Ortho surgeons, Neuro anaesthesiologists, Imaging specialists, Electrophysiologists and dedicated Rehabilitation specialists who will put dedicated efforts to help everyone to achieve maximum possible recovery.

Wide range of services are being offered at our Spine care centre covering the spine from Atlas to Coccyx, from Paediatric to Geriatric age groups. Congenital anomalies, neck pain, back pain, disc prolapse, spinal tumors, spinal deformities, spinal injuries,implants and stabilisations, spinal cord stimulation, sacral nerve stimulation, disc replacements, vertebroplasty and spinal rehabilitation. That apart spinal arthritis, inflammatory conditions of the spine ,spinal infections and all the medical diseases that affect the spine such as ankylosing spondylosis, spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, OPLL, fluorosis, osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases will also be treated.

Rehabilitation plays a key role in maximising the recovery. It should start as early as possible and should continue till the expected goal is achieved. It helps in achieving functional ability by promoting recovery and maintaining the integrity of various muscles and ligaments as well as the mobility of the joints. There by the nerves once recovered can soon take over the control of the skilled movements of the body.

Generally spine care is prolonged and often long term comparatively from other medical conditions. Getting the control of the paralysed muscles, urine and motion control, regaining the sexual function and improving sensations of the body affected is the ultimate goal to enhance the quality of life. It goes without saying that the pain relief is essential in all stages of spine care. Time to time evaluation by internal medicine specialists, Pulmonologist, Cardiologist, gastroenterologists, Urologists and Nutritional specialists is also equally important. Such comprehensive “ Spine Care “ will be provided under one roof.


  • .DR ANMOL NAGARAJ- Neuro spine surgeon
  • .DR NIRANJANA RAJGOPAL- Neuro spine surgeon
  • .DR VINU RAJ- Ortho Spine surgeon
  • .DR ROHIDAS- Endoscopic Neuro spine surgeons
  • .DR MAHENDRA- Neuro spine surgeon
  • .DR SARASWATHI- Pediatric Ortho spine surgeon
  • .DR PAVITHRA- Neuro Anesthesia and Critical care
  • .DR NIMYA DAS- Neuro rehabilitation specialist
  • .DR VENKATARAMANA- Team leader


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