Brains Super Speciality Hospital
Donate & gift lives

The Gurushri Seva trust is a repository of hope for critically ill or injured poor patients. This uniquely human initiative has a simple and noble purpose: to extend monetary support to the treatment of abjectly poor patients who would otherwise have no hope of survival: patients stricken with morbid neuro conditions that call for specialised care, which they cannot hope to afford or access.

The Trust aims to mobilise funds from all those willing to donate a fraction of what they have to help save lives and bring relief to needy patients facing extreme distress. It will, alongside, support a range of research activities aimed at finding cures for the incurable, supporting patients and caregivers of chronic disorders like Parkinson’s, rescuing accident and trauma victims within the Golden Hour and so on, every activity aimed at ensuring that human lives are not lost for the want of money.

Anyone can help and save lives by contributing to the fund starting with as little 1 rupee a year. Just one rupee from every India citizen could help save more than 100,000 lives!

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