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Dr. Venkataramana has been relentlessly workinig for the last three decades to treate Brain Tumors and enhance the quality of life. In-depth research is underway to identify solutions to overcome the current medical challenges posed by tumors.

"To reach the unreached star, it is my quest to follow the star, No matter how hopless, no matter how far" - Joe Darion

BRAIN being an extraordinary in its structure and function is no exempt from the affliction of cancer. There are several internal structures from which tumors can arise in the brain. Fortunately not all of them are malignant. But the malignant once are are really worth their nature , causing significant disability and mortality. More over unpredictability remains a challenge even today. The biological behaviour of them remains elusive. The incidence of such tumors are on the rise, probably the chances of detection have improved due to the diagnostic facilities. Yet many changes that can influence them such diet, environment, exposure to toxins, electromagnetic fields, other forms of radiation, Epigenetic factors in general have been suspected but no definite factor has been identified so far. Recent years have witnessed tremendous advances in the brain tumor research. Varieties of Genetic defects have been identified in association with occurrence of brain tumors. They seem to influence occurrence, progression, biological behaviour, recurrence as well as response to treatment.

Despite all such challenges science has witnessed tremendous developments in understanding and treating brain tumors , improving the safety, efficacy, longevity as well as the overall functional outcome of these tumors. The technology and innovations have improved the visibility, accessibility, receptibility and overall ability to treat. Brain tumor outcomes are no longer dismal compared to yester years. However, the malignant ones need definitive answers.

The on-going research is expected to provide much more insights that will guide the clinicians to make more accurate diagnosis as well as add many new therapeutic options in the years to come.

On the occasion of “BRAIN TUMOUR AWARENESS DAY “ on JUNE 8th, where all the experts involved contemplate, think , research and join hands in the war against such invincible malignant brain tumours, BRAINS HOSPITAL is starting an exclusive Brain Tumor Wing to advance the techniques, promote research and jointly collaborate globally to find suitable solutions for such needy ones.

For the last three decades Dr. Venkataramana is personally involved in research to find a solution for this invincible malignant brain tumor. Apart from advanced surgeries, relentless research is going on under my guidance. We are now introducing a new therapy using DAVA for the malignant brain tumors at Brains Hospital. We hope to find a solution soon.

“To reach the unreached star it is my quest to follow the star. No matter how far, no matter how long.”

This Centre will provide comprehensive care including all modalities under one roof.

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