Brains Super Speciality Hospital

BRAINS HOSPITAL provides best-in-class facility, infrastructure and care for inpatients. Inpatient admission is usually and typically when the patient spends at least one night, sometimes more, depending on the health condition.

The need for admission can be surgery, illness, childbirth, traumatic injury or seeming medical emergency. There are inpatient facilities and hospitals for substance use and mental health illness, as well. There are cases when the inpatient stay may have been planned ahead for knee replacement surgery, a major scan or evaluation procedure.

The need for inpatient admission can also arise out of an emergency or unplanned illness or injury, such as a heart attack or serious car accident. The patient may be in need of medicine, care, monitoring, and medical treatment, this requirement qualifies for a typical case of inpatient treatment.

In most cases, the doctor relieves the patient and advises return to home if the condition is stabilized. The doctor also usually prescribes medicines, monitoring and a review, as the case may be.