Brains Super Speciality Hospital

“From the time I have entered medical school, understanding the human system has parallely triggered many hidden passions within me. Over time I realized the importance of the human body particularly, the brain along with compassion filled with spirituality, so this has driven me to excel in medical science along with research innovation and social needs.

The gap between society and the medical system has paved the way for bridging the system of what I refer to as Social Neurosciences. This includes awareness, wellness, comprehensive management and all support services. In the bargain what struck me mainly is the lack of pre-hospital care for accidents and medical emergencies. Similarly, all the incurable illnesses keep constantly bothering me to find a suitable solution,” says Dr N K Venkataramana.

  • .Established Comprehensive Trauma Consortium as an initiative to create a safe pre-hospital care system for road traffic accidents and medical emergencies.
  • .Started Paramedic Training Program for nurses, ambulance personnel and police first on the scene people.
  • .Started road safety and first -aid programs for school children
  • .Established FIRST -AID centres on the HIGHWAYS.
  • .Started CTC trust to promote organization as well as poor fund to treat the poor patients with trauma
  • .Developed training modules for certification course on emergency care in association with CAMHADD, WHO and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
  • .Designed first aid kits and spinal boards locally to us in the ambulances
  • .Developed training modules for certification course on emergency care in association with CAMHADD, WHO and Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences.
  • .Launched “OPERATION SANJEEVINI” Pre hospital care for medical emergencies for the Bangalore city – 21st August 2002
  • .Launched AMBULANCE RESCUE WAGON. First of its kind initiative for management of mass casualties.
  • .Launched Ring Road Ambulance Project 24 Dec 2003. Launched Bangalore –Mysore Highway Ambulance Project, oct 2004
  • .Launched Emergency Medical Centre at Central Bus Station, Bangalore, Nov 2004
  • .Launched Mangala Sanjeevini Ambulance project Mangalore Feb 2005
  • .Launched Saptagiri Sanjeevini services and Training program TTD Tirupati, Apr 2005
  • .Launched INDIA’s First Solar powered First-Aid centre on Bangalore –Mysore highway April 2005
  • .Launched first Trauma Centre at Ramanagaram, CTC – CII initiative in May 2006.
  • .Launched Trauma centre at MIMS MANDYA
Significant Awareness Programs, Learning & Development Initiatives
  • .Awareness creation about various neurological conditions through articles, TV talks, YouTube videos to directly educate the public and also to dispel the myths and empower them to make appropriate decisions regarding management.
  • ."Golden Hour Academy" started with a vision to educate and empower people with knowledge to save lives at the scene of emergency and to enable them as good Samaritans.
  • .Established a call centre with toll free numbers as well as 1062 to enable people access medical advice as well as medical assistance round the clock.
  • .Air Ambulance - desperate medical emergencies air ambulance service to get patients from the periphery in association with Air Deccan. I am grateful to Captain Gopinath for providing all the support
  • .Developed the concept of organ transplantation as well as organ transportation introducing the concept of green corridor.
  • .Built Support Groups for lifetime diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Spinal Cord Injury and Stroke to provide seamless continuity of care to all the patients. This included comprehensive and integrated services including the caregivers training and education to enhance the quality of life
  • .Rehabilitation - Integrated Rehabilitation Services created for all patients with disability to enable them to come back to their original life as efficiently as possible.