Brains Super Speciality Hospital

You can get an appointment with a Brains specialist ‘without a local referral’ simply by reaching out to our International Patients Relationship Manager on phone at +91-9980978893 or email at [email protected] Write to us with your detailed case history and the treatment you seek and leave the rest to us. We will set up your appointment with the ‘right’ expert and coordinate everything.

It is advisable for patients to share as much information about their health condition including medical reports, case history, details of treatment taken and current clinical status by email before travelling to Brains Hospital. This information will help our experts craft a treatment plan customised for your condition as also forecast the likely duration of your stay in the hospital and post-discharge plan for your care.

We assign a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for each patient for optimum coordination. The SPOC assists patients and their attendants through their stay in the hospital with all non-medical needs like registration, admission, discharge formalities and even an interpreter.

Brains work extensively with its international patients to ensure that their experience is seamlessly hassle-free. However, patients ought to be vigilant and well aware of their rights and responsibilities. Prior to travel they must check the following,

  • .Valid visa and travel arrangements. Every visitor to India, including medical tourists, need to obtain a valid Indian visa covering the duration of their stay. You can do this by approaching the nearest Indian embassy or high commissioner. Click on the following list for a list of Indian embassies in various parts of the world.
  • .All medical records including X-rays, MRIs, health history, photographs, immunization records and prescriptions in your carry-on luggage
  • .A confirmation from the local doctor on travel fitness

You must present your passport at our front office for registration at the hospital. A copy of the relevant pages of the same will be retained by us for records as mandated by the Government of India.

It is essential to provide detailed information about your health, medical history, current medication, and so on. If you have been referred by a doctor in your home country, it is recommended that you submit his contact details to our SPOC.

Brains Hospital will facilitate the paperwork necessary for the Visa, however, the decision to grant the visa will be taken independently by the embassy and its officials. The embassy may ask you for documents to support information like address, income, insurance, prescription and treatment plan as part of the visa application. The visa fee is to be borne by the individual. The procedure for getting a visa would be the same for anyone accompanying you as a care-giver or attendant.

Bangalore is extremely well connected to destinations around the world by air and the easiest and fastest way to reach us is by a flight. The Brains SPOC can help you chart an optimum travel plan, but since air fares are dynamically related to supply and demand we cannot give any assurance on price or availability.

The International Patient Services team helps in arranging visa by writing a letter to Indian High Commission in the patient’s country to help you and your attendant obtain medical visas.

Once the treatment plan is finalised by your specialist, the International Patient Services team will intimate to you the estimated cost of your treatment and hotel stay post-treatment. Please ensure you understand the estimated cost and the follow-up plan.

We encourage all our patients to plan their hospitalization and stay well in advance. This is particularly important for patients travelling to us from other, faraway nations for medical care. Our International Patients Services Desk will notify to you the admission date on which you need to arrive at our hospital.

Depending upon needs, specialists at our hospital may schedule medical tests, such as laboratory studies or X-rays. These tests will be performed at the hospital prior to your admission. Interpreters for several languages, including Arabic, are available on request.

Our International Patients services personnel can guide you and your family to accommodations of your choice both during and post-treatment. Every patient room comes with an attendant bed. Your primary consultants and nursing team will be responsible for your medical requirements. Non-medical requirements are addressed by our International Patients Relationship Manager.

Payment can be made by cash/credit card/wire transfer. The accounts department will assist you with the payment process.

We arrange complimentary airport pick up/drop in a cab or ambulance for patient and accompanying attendants to hospital or hotel as per the patient’s medical condition or choice. Patient will be received at airport by a hospital executive or interpreter (if required).

We have a specialized team of interpreters and translators to help you communicate comfortably with our doctors.

We do our best to serve food of your choice. However, kindly note all dietary prescriptions are subject to your doctor’s advice and current health status. Additionally, smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited within the hospital premises.

We provide assistance to book a guest house/hotel as per your preference / budget post discharge. For details contact: 9980978893 or email at [email protected]

Patient has the option to wire transfer money before travel team arranges to send Proforma Invoice as per estimate shared

Once your team of doctors feels that you are well enough to be discharged, you will be assessed for your ability to return home. The medical staff will hand you a list of discharge instructions specific to your needs. The level of permitted activity varies widely with the procedure performed.

We understand your eagerness to return home, to your family and friends. But we will advise your discharge only when we are sure that you are capable of handling the stress of travel. The availability of a safe environment in transit and a sterile one at home is also taken into account prior to your discharge.

Discussion with the Doctor

On possibility of traveling back home and understand the pros & cons (if any) of a return.

Post Discharge Treatment Plan

A post-discharge treatment plan including medication, investigations and visits to the hospital in your own hometown, if necessary

Discharge Documentation Collection of relevant including statutory documentation and medical records for future reference, follow-up visits and other needs

Billing & Payments

Settle your bills and payments prior to the discharge.

Diet & Activity Restrictions

Prior to discharge get a clear understanding of the diet plan that you must follow and the activities that you can safely engage in at home. A consultation with a nutritionist will be arranged.

Preparing Your Home

You may require your home to be made patient-friendly to help you adjust to life in the immediate aftermath of your hospitalization. Your family back home can take care of this.