Brains Super Speciality Hospital
Case Studies

This is due to missed blood supply to brain because of large block inside the brain. Patient was at highest risk of developing permanent paralysis, which was avoided by timely block detection and stenting.

Challenge or issue

The patient had already been evaluated in another hospital, but the block was missed. If he would not have undergone stenting urgently, he would have to live the rest of life with paralysis (disability).

How it was resolved

Prompt identification of block and removing the block permanently using stent.

While many people know about stenting for heart blocks, very few are aware of stenting for brain.

Detailed Case Study

A 54-year-old man with mild diabetes, NORMAL CHOLESTEROL, developed sudden onset left hand and leg weakness which recovered within 10 minutes. Startled by this, he felt something is seriously wrong with him. He went to nearby hospital where he developed another episode of similar weakness. this time, he got horrified and certainly knew whatever happening to him is a serious condition and he needed to act fast. He came to BRAINS Superspeciality hospital for further evaluation and management. He underwent MRI brain and angiogram which revealed severe cholesterol block in one of brain blood pipe (M1 segment of MCA). Even after starting medicines, he developed another episode of weakness. He underwent Urgent stenting of the brain artery block, following which his weakness episodes stopped. He remained asymptomatic after that

Just like stenting is done for heart blood pipes after heart attack, brain attack (as in this case due to blockage of blood pipes in brain) can be treated by stenting. Advanced technology has allowed this stenting to be performed only by a small key hole, less pain, next day discharge, resuming daily activities and work within 2-3 days. However, lack of awareness about this technology is leaving many disabled permanently.