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Orthopedic Treatment
Orthopedic Treatment

Even though Orthopaedic Surgery is a single speciality, it has branched out to sub- specialities like Trauma surgery, Spine surgery, Joint replacements, Arthroscopy, Sports surgery, Paediatric Orthopaedics, Orthopaedic oncology, Hand surgery, Revision joint replacements and so on. Sub-specialisation has improved the care patients get as well as driving innovation in the sub-specialities.

Trauma surgery deals with the bony injuries or fractures sustained as a result of road traffic accidents or recreational sports or other injuries. This speciality is challenging, as many patients may have life threatening injuries or may have involvement of multiple organ systems with minimal reserve capacity to fight in the body.

Orthopaedic Spine surgery, as the name says, works on the Spine. Any nerve compression or spinal cord compression, fractures of the spine, tumours or infections of spine are all dealt with. Scoliosis or a bent spine, is also dealt with by these specialists. This speciality has the power to help patient regain mobility, independence and quality of life by relieving nerve or spinal cord compression. Joint replacements have been gaining in prominence now, due to an aging population which demands a quality life as well as improvement of life span, which needs a level of independence to be maintained. Added to it, better penetration of insurance, means such surgeries are withing easy reach of a large percentage of population.

Sports surgery deals with injuries sustained in the pursuit of sports or recreational activities. These are mostly ligament or muscle injuries, which can now be treated with precision. Along Arthroscopy, the Sports Surgery constitutes the complete complement of sub-speciality which will work to improve patient outcomes.

Paediatric Orthopaedic surgery, is an entity in itself as the conditions afflicting the young ones are particularly unique. Also, the treatment is customised and it has the potential to change the child's life completely by resolving the problems at the earliest, to ensure the full potential of the child is reached.

BRAINS HOSPITAL has comprehensive approaches to diagnose and treat Orthopaedic-related challenges. Equipped with the best Orthopaedic surgeons having a wide range of experience, one of the best features of the Orthopaedics Unit at Brains Super Speciality Hospital is that you can get all the orthopaedic sub-specialities and a comprehensive treatment for full range of Orthopaedic conditions under one roof.



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