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Preparedness and practice

There are a variety of skill sets pertaining to different fields whom the mankind has invented over years. The above mentioned words are used in conjunction and synonymous with every such skill activity. This is more so when it comes to any kind of activity that is related to saving lives. This eventually paves the way for expertise, experience, execution, skilful delivery leading to success of the act or activity. Many a times despite repeated instructions people take many things for granted. But when the problem really occurs the skill sets that decides the call.

I happened to be in Japan when this recent aircraft accident took place in Tokyo airport. The aircraft with 280 people on board collided with another aircraft resulting in aircraft going into flames and eventually becoming a heap of ashes. It was such a gruesome scene with so many lives on board. We are not going to discuss the reasons but focus on the rescue part. I could never imagine the rescue in 90 seconds saving all the lives. It can happen only in a country like Japan. I am sure everyone across the world watched this on television. But no one would realise the amount of effort gone in, in terms of training to achieve such perfect task.

In my opinion Japanese are highly committed individuals among all those whom I have interacted. I happened to be in Japan at that time and I could appreciate the effort very much. I would like to highlight few things. Primarily the commitment with which everyone acted. Secondly, the precision with which they executed the task in time and with perfection. No commotion or panic. Lastly, the effort in terms of training before they were appointed as crew in the aircraft . Swiftness with which the system worked at the ground level. Most importantly the passengers who followed the instructions without panicking. This clearly shows the amount of confidence the crew has imposed on the passengers . They did not move out of their respective places and followed every instruction to the core. This no doubt emphasised on the general discipline of the people and race as such. Without which it would have become another disaster.

Let’s begin with the commitment. It was unfortunate that the accident occurred and flight caught fire. But the commitment shown by the pilots, crew and the ground rescue system and all other support services was impeccable. This demonstrates the readiness in acting, decision making and executing in such a professional manner . Secondly the precision everyone exhibited. This is the real skill. Knowing is different but doing is the reality. Unless it is executed the way it should be any amount of skill is a waste. If you observe the decisions were taken, orders given, announcements made, every one followed top down without any argument, dilemma or delay. Each one knows precisely the role which they are supposed to play. No criss crossing at all. That’s why everyone was rescued in a tight span of 90 seconds. More than a success story or saving lives it was a fantastic demonstration of their individual and collective skill sets showcasing mass casualty or disaster management.

I would like to further emphasise the amount of training and practice on dummy situations and simulations to achieve that level of execution in reality. This obviously shows their well-set protocols, processes, training and repeated practice part from their commitment to their respective professions. No doubt it is a collective effort. This can never be achieved unless people are committed and disciplined. This uniqueness of Japanese is something that we must emulate.

The “ Golden Hour” is an organisation that is trying to advocate such training in safety measures. Everyone must know at least the basics of how to deal with emergencies. Leave alone the mass casualties and disasters we have many such happenings in day to day life. The amount of ignorance is unsurmountable. It is not difficult to introduce such elegant systems but we lack commitment, discipline, honesty as core values that defy the every system. On the other hand every one acts as a commander, no one wants to take instruction rather want to confuse whole system. As a result everything gets complicated no perfection will ever be achieved. When it comes to public there is total lack of discipline that makes simple situations complex and chaotic. The suspicious, in-competent, insecure Indian minds is known to make a mess of everything. These trainings must be implemented across all systems in the country. Though the system is well established in medical field still it needs lot of refinement to make it the best. It is worthwhile to learn from countries like Japan. Then only we can call ourselves a developed country.