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Why Medical Education is Lingering?

“If I am in tradition I will not learn anything new” Jiddu Krishnamurthy.

Unfortunately medical institutions have fallen in trap to this truth as described by Sri J Krishnamurthy. As a result apart from the international de - recognition the very basic qualities are getting eroded. It is not enough to produce the bulk, standards and quality only gets recognition. Medical schools all over the world do carry their own individual reputation.

The teachers exhibited all round eminence in teaching, thinking, innovating, documenting in the yester years. That’s the reason one should read the historical aspects just to understand the wonderful work of our forefathers. Because of which so many advancements that lead to various specialisations and with which we are able to alleviate the human suffering of all kinds. Every medical school abroad thus have volumes of such success stories, contributions as well as eminent personalities. Even my teachers had such a charisma, decorum and dignity of the profession I remember and regard each one of them as “Role models”. They are responsible for teaching as well as inspiring as well as carving me into a professional. Unfortunately the medical schools have become so mediocre now a days both in quality and contribution. Primarily everyone is focussing on volume. Even regulatory systems are also focused more on the infrastructure and numbers rather than standardisation, quality, efficiency and innovation.

Added to it vested motives are not allowing the system to improve. The process, facilities, system has never developed in the bargain. As a result there is tremendous pressure at all levels making every one to fulfil the duty mechanically. No doubt the medical literature has grown so much that it is hard for anyone to become an authority. But mentoring has become a dire necessity to guide the students and keep them in the right path. Especially with the amount of invalidated information that is accessible today for everyone. As they work under tremendous pressure they need to be motivated constantly by the seniors, faculty and peers to sustain the enthusiasm.

The quality of teachers are compromised due to interested teachers in medical schools should have the utmost passion for teaching and academics. However the present system of medical education is no where near to preparing students to present needs or future demands. As such the number of years the students spend is very long. The syllabus has to be well structured that they become adept at basics. Learning while working should be the motive of all post graduate programs, residency and fellowship programmes. They must be exposed to several things and systems to become contemporary. Unfortunately they end up doing only mundane things all the time due to lack of proper system spending years of slavery without proper learning. Team work must be encouraged so that time can be effectively utilised. Teachers and management must plan clear cut goals for the institution and faculty must implement it without compromise. Due to lack of established systems students are made to run from pillar to post addressing the deficiencies. They have no respite thus affecting their ability, knowledge, skills and even the enthusiasm. The teachers are always comparing their good old days and want to implement the similar system.

In the bargain tradition is maintained but the culture is ruined and standards are becoming retrospective. It is the mindset that the worse situations that the teachers had should be maintained that is negating all possible development. Off course in evolution so many newer things got added up. We must make use of them to move forward and become contemporary. The opportunity should be utilised to make the Medical institutions competitive with due credits. Mediocre institutions can generate mediocrity only.

When it comes to the comfort basic amenities such as wash rooms, duty rooms and residential hostels must be up to date to improve the efficiency of such long years of education. Even hospital infrastructure must be contemporary with environmental hygiene, and eco-friendly systems. I can very well recollect the toilets at Nimhans verses the Victoria hospital. There was no proper duty room or a decent toilet at Victoria that made sit through the night on a hair. I still remember the days on duty where I sat on a hair whole night. If medical institutions can’t maintain basic hygiene what are we trying to preach? On the other hand we all have witnessed the quality of campuses showcased by the software companies’ Clean campus, fresh air, good water, clean toilets and healthy food are the fundamental requirements more so in medical schools as they are learning and practicing public health. It is paradoxical we should have such campus rather we are unable to learn from our own neighbours. Cutting the corners should not be encouraged particularly in the medical institutions as we are dealing with lives.

Another major compromise is in the quality of education. No one is interested in inspiring or motivating the students. Rather many are getting disappointed and disillusioned by knowing the reality after choosing medical education with passion. Imparting current knowledge and skills and making them adept must be the primary goal of every medical school. Then only they can repose similar confidence with patients as well as with varied professional situations. The system should be such that once they get in they must come out successfully and equally competent. Thus the system gets standardised over the years.

Regional language must be confined to interacting with patients for better communication. Contrarily teaching medical subjects in regional language will further degrade the confidence and the international standing. The quality of language is of utmost importance. Medical professionals do not have the liberty of talking casually, rudely or irresponsibly. This professionalism must be cultivated during the training itself. Unlike other educational systems medical students deals with humanity. So humanity deals with the way you deal with other human beings and should be part of the programme.

If the basic humanity is lacking in the system then what would they learn and practice? Equal importance has to be given for reading and acquisition of knowledge. Application of knowledge should be taught in a systematic and guided way while they are in training. No basic mistakes should happen once they are certified. In addition we should allow them to think and innovate. Present generation is very much tech savvy. I wish teachers, managements and universities will take it up in a right way to create medical professionals comparable to the global standards and future. The needs and demands of next generation medical professionals will be quite challenging. Unless we rectify and change our systems, standards can collapse further. The system should be made to create pride and pleasure in learning medicine and comparable to similar counterparts in the world. Despite all developments that are available today the mind alone is sinking the system. It is time to change our mind set including self-declarations and to adopt best practices to excel.