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Bandhs and Protests

As human beings, we have grown with a variety of problems many are personal, but a good number can be regional, social, and cultural. They generally are concerned with large masses based on either ethnicity or geographical location. Over the years, mankind has developed innumerable differences among themselves. As the number of differences kept increasing many divisions and subdivisions took the leading role, submerging many aspects including humanity. In reality, the majority of these problems are common to everyone at variable degrees of intensity. These variations have not only divided the masses but also created a variety of differences within.

Psychologically each group got tied up with different problems which became their goal of life. These inequalities brought in have divided people even with common problems. The opinions did vary from time immemorial as well as from time to time. Again these opinions were equally biased based on the type of problem and the overall strength and capacity of the groups involved. Thus many simple things got complicated by the involvement and interventions of a variety of other geo-political, socio-cultural, economic, and all other available systems within.

This has changed the dynamics of problem-solving into a larger dimension demanding justice. Thus groups, opinions, and divisions were further dependent on complicating the problem-solving ability. The human mind with all its collective intellect can become opinionated based on various facts and circumstances and those who are unhappy eventually have to protest. These protests are well known and have repeated time and again due to some or other group taking advantage of the situation. These protests can range from simple expressions to raging wars. The history of mankind has several such documents which are testimonies to our essential problems.

In the current times, we do continue with many such systems modified with time by the various developments in the world. No doubt the world is growing and advancements are taking place in every sphere.

But these changes need not be advantageous to all concerned. Thus a great of thinking must be adopted in implementing and executing such changes keeping the common goals and benefits to the majority. Every system has its positives and negatives. But as long as it is beneficial to the majority across with which it is connected acceptance will become automatic. However, these things cannot be generalized. But fundamentally anything related to progress and welfare should have consensus without a great deal of resistance.

Protests do vary in magnitude and duration. But any kind of protest must avoid violence or damage to the society. One must consider all the consequences including the economic losses before contemplating. It must be duly represented and planned. The authorities should never take a stand and the grievances must be addressed with high priority so that the situation will not get escalated. The difficult problems must be discussed at length and resolved by consensus after all every problem is ours only. The mindset can influence much more than the gravity of the real problem often.

In 1994 I went to Germany for higher training in neurosurgery. During my stay, one protest came up by the medical professionals against the policy of the ruling government. The protest was announced well in advance. On the day of the proposed protest, I decided to stay back in the room without getting out. My mind was tuned to the kind of experience I had from my childhood. As an Indian, I am accustomed to the type of systems we follow rather than witnessed and experienced before. Based on that I was taking a rest. I got a call from the department wanting to know the reason for my absence. I took it for granted that no one would come to work except for the emergency work that would be covered by the people on duty. So I rushed to the department. To my surprise, everyone had come to work and everything was going on as usual. Except the fact that the majority were wearing a black badge on their white coats. That was the first surprise I had. Later I got involved in the work and was surprised that so much pomp was created for just such silent protest. But several announcers kept repeating about the event around noon. Interestingly all medical doctors assembled at a common area 5 minutes to noon. The place was already occupied by several cameramen, the press, the media, and a few officials. Exactly from noon to five minutes past noon everyone dropped their white coats including their stethoscopes. There was an official declaration done by the reading of the memorandum by an official which lasted exactly for three minutes. Five minutes later everyone picked up their belongings and got back to work. Then the work went on as usual without any hindrance, disturbance, or gossip. The next morning the whole event was well covered in every newspaper and I am sure in every other media concerned. Later I came to know that the problem was resolved soon amicably.

This became an interesting and new experience for me. I was watching every act of them with such curiosity. A stream of strange thoughts ran through my mind. It was a revelation of how one can do things differently. For a moment I felt that belonged to another side of the same coin. Nevertheless, it was a great experience. So effective, without any unwanted paraphernalia. No outrageous speeches.

The cause was well represented. No loss of economy for the day. Everything was so well orchestrated. This can happen with a tremendous understanding of the problem and phenomenal sensitivity towards humanity at all levels. Same time great caution in ensuring the safety and security of every possible system. Even authorities must exhibit similar qualities to sustain the balance from both sides. I am sure everything happens with such great understanding restoring the glory of our collective values.