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What is the Neuroendocrine Tumour?

The news that superstar Irrfan Khan is battling neuroendocrine tumor has shaken his fans world wide. What causes the disease? Who are at risk? What are the symptoms and risk factors? How is it diagnosed and treated? Get all the latest in this expert article by renowned neurosurgeon Dr N K Venkataramana in an article [...]

What Does It Mean to Be a Doctor Today?

Dr. NK Venkataramana explains about the challenges of being a doctor at a time when the medical industry is growing too fast, and providing quality healthcare is becoming difficult in an article published in Indiamed Today. What Does It Mean to Be a Doctor Today? Indiamed Today - Sunday, 1 July 2018 In the current [...]
Dr. Venkataramana N K interaction with media

Vision stroke leaves woman in darkness; surgery revives sight

Path-breaking diagnosis and surgery at BRAINS restores lost vision in 30 year old Chartered Accountant who was diagnosed with vision stroke. Story covered in Times of India. Click here for the article link. Vision stroke leaves woman in darkness; surgery revives sight Times City - Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018 Path-breaking diagnosis and surgery at BRAINS [...]

International Day of Yoga 2018

Yogasanas have a direct relation with the nervous system, which in turn helps in maintaining a healthy body. Dr NK Venkataramana writes about yoga and its benefits for the brain and overall health. Click here and get the article links. Yoga calms Brain Prajavani - Thursday, 21 Jun 2018 Read more... Asanas and Pranayama, One [...]

Depression alters brain structure

A new scientific report published by the University of Edinburgh shows reduced white matter integrity among people with major depressive disorders. Scans done as part of the study revealed that white matter (a mass of tracts that enable brain cells to electrically communicate with one another) is altered among people in the throes of deep […]

When we talk, our brains synchronise

It is known that when we converse with people our brains synchronise with theirs. A new study looks at how this happens. Apparently, brainwave rhythms among all those involved in a conversation ‘adjust’ or fall into an alignment in line with the ‘physical properties of sounds produced when talking’. More specifically, brainwave rhythms between two […]

What causes food cravings?

One reason why most diet plans fail is because of our craving for food often high in sugar and fats. At times the craving is so overpowering that it can break the resolve of even the most resolute dieter. It seems uncontrollable. In short, food craving is a fat stumbling block on the path of […]

Revealed: The secret behind an Alpha Male

What turns a male into an Alpha Male? According to new research involving mice this is caused by a neural circuit. When stimulated the neurons in this circuit dramatically increased the chances of a mouse winning aggressive encounters with other mice according to the study. Across the animal kingdom social hierarchies are formed based on […]