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Know the heritage varieties of rice

Eating rice can be healthy, provided you make the right choice. Our clinical nutritionist Sreemathy Venkatraman, provides her expertise in an article published in The Hindu.

Don’t give up on carbs yet. There are a host of heritage varieties of rice to explore… some nutty, some fragrant and most rather healthy

The word rice found its way into the English dictionary only in the mid—13th Century, from strains of Old French (ris), Italian (riso), Greek (oryza), Dutch (rijst) and Macedonian (oriz). However, classical Europe itself was introduced to the word, because Alexander the Great and his team during their expedition to India in 326 BC noted and possibly took back ‘a strange plant, standing in water and sown in beds; the plant four cubits in height, has many ears and yields a large produce’, which the locals called arisi — the Tamil word for uncooked rice

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