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International Day of Yoga 2018

Yogasanas have a direct relation with the nervous system, which in turn helps in maintaining a healthy body. Dr NK Venkataramana writes about yoga and its benefits for the brain and overall health. Click here and get the article links.

Yoga calms Brain

Prajavani - Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

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Asanas and Pranayama, One for All Remedy

Deccan Chronicle - Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

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International Yoga Day 2018: Yoga for a healthy mind and body

thehealthsite.com - Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

All you need for yoga to work is a proper guru. You need to train well, do it right and practice it for a long period to get maximum benefits.
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5 Best Fat-Burning Yogasanas for Weight Loss

latestly.com - Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

Yoga has tremendous health benefits, right from making your body extremely flexible to keeping problems like a joint and muscle ache at bay, yoga has the answer to almost all health issues.
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Brain needs energy and nutrition

Patrika - Thursday, 21 Jun 2018

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