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Suraksh Bharat unveiled on World Ambulance Day

Even as Bharat gets ready for a Swachh makeover, renowned neurosurgeon, Dr N K Venkataramanaa, on January 8 unveiled Suraksh Bharat, a movement that could transform India into one of the safest countries in the world, at a press conference on the World Ambulance Day in Bangalore.

The task is uphill as Indian roads are notorious for being among the most hazardous in the world and enjoy an appalling safety record. Just in Bangalore, more than 5000 accidents happened over the last 12 months killing nearly 700 people.

However, Dr Venkataramanaa, the face of emergency trauma care in India, believes that most of these 700 people could have been alive today had they received proper care within the crucial first hour after they met with their accidents.

The doctor who masterminded the Comprehensive Trauma Consortium (CTC) and Sanjeevini, the mobile medical emergency system that saved hundreds of lives in Bangalore, should know. “What happens within one hour of an accident to a patient determines whether an accident victim lives or dies.”

For the doctor, the Suraksh Bharat movement represents a small but resolute move in the direction of realizing a dream—the dream of ensuring that no one dies on India’s accident prone roads for the want of timely medical treatment.

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