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Drink, drive and die…merrily

If you think it’s macho to drive after drinking, think of the nearly 60,000 people who thought the same way and died in road accidents last year just in India

On the night of December 31, even as a new year lay in labour, ready for birth, hundreds of people died on roads all across the country, because they chose to drive after drinking. Under the heady influence of countless gallons of rum, whisky, gin and so on, these people had partied hard to welcome a year that they would never live to see, all because of an act that defies logic and leads to a one-way road to disaster. And so, in this week dedicated to road safety, come as it does in the shadow of yet another deathly New Year-eve, if there is one pledge you certainly must take then it is to never drive in a drunken state; doing so isa singularly stupid and irresponsible act—the sort of risk a sober mind would never imagine taking.

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