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Now you can beat insomnia with education

If you don’t know this then its time you woke up: Sleep is as important for good health as nutrition and exercise. Meaning, it’s no good if you exercise your boots off and gorge on spinach and whole grains if you don’t get the required amount of sound sleep every night. For a healthy life most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep according to the American Thoracic Society.

Inadequate sleep has been irrefutably linked with metabolic disturbances that may be lead to or be indicative of conditions like pre-diabetes. It certainly increases the risk of heart problems and hypertension. The good news is that if you are one of those who struggles to sleep then the rest of this article may help you put insomnia to rest!

Authors of a recently released study say that getting hold of age-linked sleep guidelines for children, seeking health care providers who are well educated about sleep disorders and ‘talk therapy’ might be of greater help than medication. Because the insomnia tends to resurface every time a sleeping stops working.

The study recommends that all drivers must receive sleep education if they wish to ensure that they don’t die sleeping.

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