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When we talk, our brains synchronise

It is known that when we converse with people our brains synchronise with theirs. A new study looks at how this happens. Apparently, brainwave rhythms among all those involved in a conversation ‘adjust’ or fall into an alignment in line with the ‘physical properties of sounds produced when talking’. More specifically, brainwave rhythms between two people begin to match each other as they get into a conversation according to the study led by the Basque research centre BCBL. The researchers point out that this interbrain synchrony may be “a key factor in understanding language and interpersonal communication.”

This finding goes beyond what traditional research has revealed until now: the brain “synchronises” according to what it hears and correspondingly adjusts its rhythms. The Basque experts have gone beyond this and using state-of-the-art technology analysed the complex neuronal activity that unfolds in the brains of two strangers holding a dialogue for the first time.

By recording cerebral electrical activity, the researchers have proved that the neuronal activity of two people talking to each other “synchronise” facilitating a “connection” between both subjects.

“It involves interbrain communion that goes beyond language itself and may constitute a key factor in interpersonal relations and the understanding of language.”

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