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What causes food cravings?

One reason why most diet plans fail is because of our craving for food often high in sugar and fats. At times the craving is so overpowering that it can break the resolve of even the most resolute dieter. It seems uncontrollable. In short, food craving is a fat stumbling block on the path of a fitness programme, one that often seems incurable. Luckily, there are some simple steps to take to handle these cravings.

To begin it helps to understand the difference between selective and non-selective hunger. The former is usually for particular food items, say samosas or rasagullas that seems uncontrollable. Non-selective pangs are more broad-based: “I am so hungry that I could eat anything,” kind of urge. This is usually owing to real hunger or may be simply thirst. The healthiest first response to the second kind of hunger is to drink a few glasses of water.

Craving for food forms in regions of the brain responsible for memory, pleasure, and reward. From hormonal imbalances involving leptin and serotonin to the release of endorphins following a hearty meal, there are many factors that fuel the craving. Emotions may also be involved in producing a food craving, especially if a person eats for comfort. Pregnant women experience especially strong cravings, which may be due to hormonal changes that can disrupt their taste and smell receptors.
But as we said there are several easy steps any one can take to beat the craving…drinking plenty of water is just one of them.

To know more read the full article at http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318441.php

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