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Want to beat the jet lag? Have coffee!

You can set the clock back and fight off jet lag simply by drinking coffee in the evening. Yes, it’s as simple as that: but only if you are on a flight “heading west.” Scientists say that coffee can trick your body and make it thing that it is an hour earlier in the day than it in fact is. This reactivates many physiological functions ahead of time, which in turn, alleviates jet lag. However, since the beverage makes you jump back on time, it does not work if you are heading east, say from New York to New Delhi (it may in fact worsen the jet lag). The opposite is true for people traveling west: they can push back their body clocks by downing a couple of cups of black coffee when time zones are changing. These findings were published by scientists from the Medical Research Council in Cambridge and the University of Colorado in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

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