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Surprise: Brian cancers less prevalent among diabetics

It is common knowledge that high blood sugar increases the risk of a number of cancers. But glioma or brain cancer may not be one of them a new study by a team of Ohio University researchers suggests. In their report published in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers lead by co-lead author Judith Schwartzbaum, associate professor of epidemiology at OSU, say that while diabetes increases the risk of colon, breast, and bladder cancers, “malignant brain tumours are more common among people who have normal levels of blood glucose.”

Glioma is among the most common brain cancers, accounting for about three quarters of all malignant tumours. The new study stands on data collected from two big long-term studies involving 797,945 participants, 812 of whom developed gliomas. The results showed that participants with high blood sugar and diabetes were less likely to develop glioma. Also, the link was strongest in the year leading up to the diagnosis.

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