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Services & amenities


BRAINS offersbest-in-class services and amenities, thoughtfully designed forthe optimum comfort of its patients and their accompanying relatives or caregivers. The services encompass all needs,ranging from a choice of wards that fit all budgets to food centres,24/7 pharmacies, an international patient service hub, a prayer room, and a well-stocked library. In addition there are coffee kiosks and a slew of other facilities ensuring that every visitor to this hospital has a world-class experience. The hospital has six pharmacies, five of which work round-the-clock.

Rooms for in-patients

Flanking gleaming corridors of quiet, efficient service, the hospital houses 375 squeaky clean rooms for its in-patients across different categories: general, cubicle, semi-private, private, deluxe and suite. Though the rooms are designed to offer different levels of comfort, there is NO compromise on the basics. And so, each brightly lit room at the hospital, regardless of its class, adheres scrupulously to the highest standards of hygiene, is equipped with all essential medical gear and backed by 24/7 nursing care. Patients in multi-bed rooms enjoy a private space of their own, behind tastefully designed curtains that separate the beds.

The private, deluxe and suite rooms are furnished with sofas, couches, chairs, a large wardrobe, an independent refrigerator and TV, all designed to provide sumptuous levels of comfort. The suites offer oceans of luxurious spaceand include large, lavishly designedpatient, living and dining rooms and two private restrooms. There are plush sofas and couches, refrigerators and LED TVs, an eight-chair diningtable, a private pantry and lots more in these condominiums of luxurious comfort, built with an exceptional eye for detail—a true home away from home for patients and their families.

To ensure unflagging service quality and to address patient issues promptly the hospital provides a crew of patient coordinators, one dedicated to each class of rooms. In all there are 77 beds in the general wards, 30 in cubicles, 56 in semi-private, 21 in private, eight in deluxe and 4 in the suite categories.

In addition to all these exceptional amenities, the fourth floor of the hospital, which houses the suites and the deluxe and private rooms, features an exclusive patient service area for the relatives of international patients. This space is designed not only for these relatives to discuss cases with consultants but also to unwind and relax in between taking care of their loved ones.

Free dormitory service

The second floor of the hospital building houses two separate and spacious sleeping rooms for men and women that can be used by the relatives of patients. The lodgings can accommodate up-to 20 people each and are a boon for relatives of patients who may be in intensive care units. The rooms are also of use when patients are accompanied by more relatives than can be accommodated in the wards. The ‘extra’ relatives can and frequently do use these rooms.

Insurance services

A dedicated desk at the BGS-Global Hospitals facility provides comprehensive support including helping you with all the paper work to help you avail of your or your relative’s medical insurance cover. This facility is easy to approach and is designed to free you from the worry of paying the bills for the treatment of your loves ones.

Transport and accommodation

The hospital offers free pick-up services to all outstation patients(both international and domestic) to make their trip to the hospital comfortable and hassle free. Free airport transfers from the hospital are available to all international patients by default. Outstation domestic patients too may avail of this service subject to necessary approvals. The hospital offers paid accommodations at fully furnished guest apartment rooms located nearby.

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