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Research points link between Glioblastoma & dopamine

Glioblastoma to date remains the deadliest and most aggressive cancerous brain tumour resisting all currently available treatments. A study by Canadian team of scientists has spearheaded brain cancer research into the field of neuro degenerative medicine and neuro-chemical signalling. New connects between glioblastoma and dopamine have been explored.

It is a well established fact that a severe neurodegenerative condition known as Parkinson’s disease occurs if the levels of dopamine dip in the brain or if dopamine signalling is interrupted. In the new study this process has been worked upon by identifying chemicals that block dopamine function in glioblastoma tumours in the lab. as A result the glioblastoma stem cells undergo neurodegenerative process which kills glioblastoma stem cells instead of causing Parkinson’s.

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