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Reduced blood flow to brain impairs cognition

According to findings published in Neurology, in as few as two years post diagnosis, type 2 diabetes may cause impairment of cerebral vasoreactivity, adversely affecting cognitive abilities. The study involved evaluating 40 people aged 66 on an average. Nineteen of this group had type 2 diabetes and the rest were healthy individuals.

All individuals in the test group were tested at the study’s beginning. Two years later they went through the cognitive and memory tests again. In order to assess regional and global cerebral perfusion and vasoreactivity, they also went through MRI. Blood tests were conducted to gauge average levels of blood glucose and inflammatory markers.

When the tests were repeated after two years the patients of type 2 diabetes showed reduced global and regional cerebral vasoreactivity and fall in their capability to perform multiple cognitive tasks. The scores on memory and learning had dropped by an average of 12 per cent. The control group of healthy individuals showed no decline. The research team found that inflammation levels and cerebral vasoreactivity and vasodilation are directly related.

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