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Now type with your mind not fingers!

In the movie Theory of Everything, a stricken Stephen Hawking, genius scientist and author of the bestselling novel Brief History of Time, struggles with a raft of ungainly gadgets to translate his powerful thoughts into printed words.

Now, if Facebook’s audacious scientific project succeeds then Hawking and others like him who suffer from crippling motor neuron diseases may never need any of those contraptions to ‘write’ out their thoughts.

The social media major is developing a revolutionary brain-computer interface technology that would make it possible for us to ‘write’ by simply ‘thinking’ without moving a little finger! Put simply the technology would enable us to type with our minds. In this new future updating your status with thoughts alone may become a reality.

A 60-strong team of scientists at Facebook is pushing the edge of optical imaging to develop a technology that could detect our silent internal dialogues and translate them into text on a screen by scanning our brain hundreds of times per second.

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