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Music helps recovery from stroke

An article published in Stroke by the American Heart Association says that horse-riding and rhythm-and-music therapies benefit stroke patients. Specifically, they help their “perception of recovery, gait, balance, grip strength and cognition,” it says, “even years after the occurrence of stroke.”

The effect of these stimuli is much greater collectively than individually, the researchers point out. This is because cohesively they act on a range of faculties like physical, sensory and cognitive. Dr Michael Nilsson, senior author of the paper observed that “Significant improvements are possible, even years after a stroke, using motivating, comprehensive therapies focused on stimulating physical and social surroundings.”

The three-dimensional movement of a horse’s back conjures a sensory experience that mimics normal human gait and is, therefore, helpful to stroke survivors. Likewise, the stroke survivors benefit by performing cognitively demanding limb movements to visual and audio cues, which are at the core of rhythm-and-music therapy.

Read Horse, rhythm-and-music therapies may boost recovery on http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/317953.php

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