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Journal of Cerebro Vascular Sciences – Editorial

dr-venkataramanaaCerebral blood vessels are unique and distinctly different in their structure, hemodynamic function and regulation. The diseases that afflict them too are different. The status of the crebro vascular function directly influences the health of the brain. A host of diseases is known to affect the cerebral vascular system across all ages leading to morbidity and mortality. That apart the Blood Brain Barrier has evoked sufficient clinical interest in recent years. Understanding the function and its relevant modulation towards a suitable physiological state can be a useful advance in the direction of finding future treatments not only forcerebro vascular conditions but also for evolving superior drug delivery systems.

Cerebral vascular surgery has come a long way in treating aneurysms, AVMs and other conditions. Technology innovation, endovascular interventions for cerebral ischemia, cerebral revascularization, cerebral protection, cerebral regeneration and targeted drug delivery are gaining great momentum. Cerebro vascular physiology and pathology also has an impact on neuro anesthesia , management of conditions like trauma and tumors.

In the light of such trends and developments, it is appropriate to have a focus in these fields. The journal of Cerebro Vascular Sciences provides an opportunity for specialists in this domain to communicate, interact and exchange ideas. This will not only contribute to deepening our understanding but also to push the frontiers of care in this specialized area.

We look forward to all the cerebrovascular surgeons, stroke physicians, endovascular specialists, neuro-sonologists, imaging specialists,neuro anesthetists and basic scientists to come together for better understanding of cerebrovascular diseases.We hope to make this Journal a ready reckoner with peer reviewed articles, reviews and commentaries that benefit post-graduates, practicing surgeons to be at the forefront of knowledge.

It is laudable that the Indian Society for Cerebrovascular Surgery has decided to publish such a Journal. As the Editor-in-Chief I am extremely happy to introduce this journal to the scientific community and look forward to the support of everyone to maintain and improve its standards continually. My special thanks to Dr Paritosh Pandey and Dr Savitri Sastry for their support and to all those who contributed to its evolution.

To get your copy contact the following

Dr.Venkataramanaa N K
Director- Global Institute of Neurosciences,
Vice Chairman- BGS Global Hospital
Vice President – Indian Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery,
Past President – Indian Society for Stereotactic & Functional Neurosurgery,
Convener – Neuroendoscopy Study Group of India
Chairman – ANSA Research Foundation
Email: [email protected]
website: www.bgsgin.com

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