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Exercise pushes men to diet, not women

Exercise encourages us to opt for healthy diets. Right. But only if we are men! A University of Missouri in Columbia research indicates that men are far more likely to alter their diets in response to physical activity than women, who may continue to eat the same stuff regardless of exercise.
Study co-author Jenna Lee and her colleagues recently reported their results in the journal Behavioural Brain Research.

For long researchers have studied the impact of exercise on diet and their work thus far has established a clear correlation between workouts and eating. However, the current study is the first to map the different effects of dieting on men and women.

“Our team wanted to make every effort to study female perspectives on how exercise affects diet, because most other studies neglect females,” says Lee. “We wanted to take a look at what drives diet preference and if environmental factors, such as physical activity, play a role in how males and females eat.”

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