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Dangers Of Eating Fatty Food: High-Fat Diet May Cause Sleep Disorders And Drowsiness

“Poor sleep and feeling sleepy during the day means you have less energy,” study lead author, Yingting Cao, stated via Medical Daily. “The poor diet-and-sleep pattern can become a vicious cycle.”

The researchers studied the diet habits of almost 2,000 Australian males between 35 and 80-years-old for a period of one year. The study participants also underwent monitoring of their sleeping patterns every night for one year.

The research team found out that the dangers of eating fatty food might include disorders in a person’s sleeping pattern and alertness level during the day. A quarter of the participants who eat the most amount of fatty food were 78 percent more likely to experience daytime drowsiness compared to the bottom quarter of the participants who ate the least amount of fatty food.

“High fat intake was also strongly associated with sleep apnea,” Cao added. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which a person’s breathing pauses several times while sleeping, according to NIH.

Aside from possibly causing daytime drowsiness and sleep apnea during the night, there are other dangers of eating fatty food regularly. A high-fat diet can also cause gas build-up, bloating, acid reflux, heartburn, hypertension, heart disease and cardiac arrest, Livestrong shares.

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