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Coming soon: Automated mobile and wireless brain computer interfaces

The 2014 World Cup in Sao Paulo started differently, when a 29 year old paraplegic Juliano Pinto started playing wearing a brain controlled robotic exoskeleton suit. The internationally broadcast event showcased new and exciting possibilities of brain computer interfaces.

BCIs are machines which allow direct communication between the brain and an external device like a computer or prosthetic. Though a lot of new developments have come up following a great amount of research in this field over the last few decades. Much needs to be done until these devices can be used by the people as part of their daily life. The devices developed so far have been able to demonstrate the concept and capabilities of BCIs successfully. But most of them perform only with the help of technicians and external wires which connect individuals to a large computer. The members of the BrainGate group ,a conglomerate of neuroscientists, engineers and clinicians are working towards sorting out such handicaps and making these brain controlled machines user friendly.

They are working on developing a 24×7 brain-computer interface which functions as simply and naturally at the subconscious level, as any other work performed by an able-bodied person. Effort is on to make these devices small, wireless and usable by the differently able person.

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