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China’s tycoons have trouble sleeping: Study

Have you heard of stories of rich men and sleepless nights? Well, a recent study has proved that such stories have sound scientific basis. A joint study conducted by well-known business magazine brand Forbes and Chinese mattress maker DeRucci published on World Sleep Day (March 23) claimed that super wealthy tycoons in China suffered in general from sleep deficiency. The survey covered more than 1,800 Chinese businesspeople including those on Forbes’ Billionaires List.

The report said that Chinese entrepreneurs sleep for an average six hours and 57 minutes, just a little short of the internationally recognized sleep time requirement of at least seven hours for adults. About half the respondents said that they did not get enough sleep and as many as 73 per cent complained of disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea.

Lack of sleep has an adverse impact on psychological and physical well-being – a fact proved by the survey. Sixty per cent of the tycoons said that they tended to be irritable whenever they slept poorly and an eye-popping 90 per cent admitted that bad sleep hampers family relationships.

If you as an entrepreneur seek happiness in life, rather than simply wealth, then it is time you started taking your sleep seriously, even more than the material appurtenances of wealth like luxuries or social desires, said Zhou Jiangong, editor-in-chief of Forbes China.

Xie Ke, executive editor with the life division of Forbes China, said that Chinese entrepreneurs have poor sleep because of stress and the tendency to work at night, despite more than 50 percent using technology and devices such as smartphone apps to monitor sleep. Entrepreneurs should get up and go to bed early, take a nap at noon, exercise, and pay attention to light and other environment factors to improve sleep, Xie added.

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