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Binge drinking impairs brain activity

Further to earlier studies which demonstrated changes in the resting brain activity of alcoholics, scientists have reported similar distortions in the brains of young people who indulge in ‘binge’ drinking: five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women over a 2-hour period. Alcoholic beverages are consumed worldwide, but excessive and regular drinking carries a number of health risks.Excessive

Beyond adverse health impacts, accidents, risky sexual behaviour and involvement in violence are also associated with binge drinking.

An estimated 1 in 50 adults in India is estimated to binge-drink four times a month, consuming an average of eight drinks per session and is, therefore, emerging as a serious public health concern.

Previous studies have also shown that, during cognitive tasks, individuals who binge drink perform significantly worse. For example, spatial working memory and executive function have both been found to suffer.

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