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Dr N K Venkataramanaa launches Golden Initiative to save lives

Marking the World Ambulance Day, eminent neurosurgeon and Vice Chairman of the BGS-Global Hospitals, Bangalore, Dr N K Venkataramanaa announced the launch of the Golden Initiative, at a press conference on Jan 8.

The initiative is designed to ensure speedy, life-saving medical intervention for accident victims in the city regardless of their ability to pay. The survival of most trauma patients depends on the quality of medical care they get immediately after an accident.

The Golden Initiative launched by Dr Venkataramanaa, who pioneered the Comprehensive Trauma Consortium-Sanjeevini programme, aims to ensure such life-saving care for most accident victims in the city within the Golden Hour, or the 60 minutes after an accident. Since its inception in 2000 CTC has saved innumerable lives with its mobile emergency services.

However, recognizing that much more needs to be done given that just in the last one year more than 700 people died on the roads of Bangalore alone, the BGS Global Hospitals has started a Green Channel admission process, which bypasses the time-consuming formalities that typically delay treatment and cost lives. “The focus of Green Channel is to get the treatment started at once. The idea is to save lives, without worrying about who pays the bills,” said the doctor.

Under the initiative the hospital has saved the lives of 41 mortally injured patients in just the last four months. In all 134 poor patients have already benefited. To make this noble initiative successful and enable BGS and other hospitals to offer free emergency care, Dr Venkataramanaa unveiled a fund-rising drive at the press conference and appealed to every Bangalore citizen to contribute a minimum of one rupee per year to Dhanvantri, a charitable trust that supports treatment of poor patients.

“If every Bangalorean contributed just one rupee we could collect a fund of Rs 12 lakhs, which will enable hospitals to offer free treatment to accident victims who cannot pay,” he said.

The landmark Golden Initiative programme, which will work in partnershi

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