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Brain Tumour

Surgeons find new way to save lives

An invention in the field of surgical microscopes will help neurosurgeons in treating brain cancer patients with more accuracy and precision and that too without enhancing their skills or adapt to changes in the operating room.

Current microscopes come with limitations as they restrict a surgeon’s complete view of the spread of cancer cells and its boundaries in the brain thus making it difficult to remove, according Marek Romanowski.

With this new technology called augmented microscopy, developed by researchers of University of Arizona it will be possible for the first time for neurosurgeons to see blood flowing inside blood vessels while operating. It will also help them distinguish better between a cancerous and a non cancerous cell.

This new microscopy technology presents surgeons with a precise picture in real time and helps them stay on course in surgeries, where being off two millimetres could cause paralysis, blindness and even death.

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