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Alzheimer's Disease

What you must know about Alzheimer’s disease

Laurene Garvis, director of impatient geriatric psychiatry at Mahaska Health Partnership, has outlined a list of things you must know if you think you have a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease.

“Some of the general signs you will notice in anyone’s life varies depending on severity.” For example, it is normal for people to forget their keys. However, if someone in addition, forgets where his silverware is in the kitchen where he has lived for 20 years and does not remember where the bathroom or the bedroom is, then it is time to be alarmed. “These are cardinal signs of Alzheimer’s,” Garvis says.

The early stages of the disease are the most challenging because it may be difficult to say that the instances of memory loss are related to something more serious like dementia or Alzheimer’s. For  example, one might make a comment or pose a question and during the conversation might repeatedly make the same comment or ask the same question.

“Alzheimer’s patients show signs of impulsiveness,” Garvis said. “At many times we do take impulsive decisions and there is nothing unusual about this. But, this is a once in a while thing. If a person is being affected by Alzheimer’s, however, this can become very stubborn.

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