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According to WHO figures more than 150,000 people die every year, simply because they do not get first aid. The fact is that many life-threatening emergencies start as small but critical health incidents like chocking, uncontrolled bleeding, or breathlessness… they can strike any one at any time. The question is: Are you ready?

Readiness with the right training can help you manage such incidents and save lives of yourself and of your near and dear ones, at home, your workplaces and even on roads.

Good news

The good news is that now there is a simple-to-take programme designed by leading trauma care experts to help you do just that. BLISS (Basic Life Support System), a first-aid programme that can be mastered even by a 10-year-old child, empowers you with the skills to manage common medical crises and save lives. The methods are basic, easy to understand and super effective. Join this extraordinary mission and enjoy the power of saving lives!

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To find out how you can secure yourself and your family easily and scientifically

For more information on how to enroll into this programme contact:

Name: Dr Jameel (Programme Coordinator )

Phone: 9886301555

Email IDs: [email protected]

The programme is currently open only to residents of Bangalore!