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Cancer is an internal terrorism

Post Views: 136 Cancers are like deadly terrorists: they infiltrate your body, establish their networks of intelligence and mass murder, cheat your immune system and finally destroy life. Find out why terrorists are often described as cancers of society in this compelling article by Dr N K Venkataramaaa, the Chief Neurosurgeon and Vice Chairman of […]

Time for doctors to play a larger social role

Post Views: 140 Securing the health of a nation and of its people is inarguably the responsibility of a state, as inarguably as securing its territorial integrity. But ensuring the health of 125 crore people, most of them poor people living in wretched conditions, is a mind boggling task and can be beyond the powers […]

British whizkid of Indian origin finds Alzheimer’s fix

Post Views: 124 A British teenager might have found a way to stop Alzheimer’s, a degenerative neural disease that generally afflicts old people and has thus far proved impossible to cure. Krtin Nithiyanandam a 15-year-old school boy of Indian origin in Surrey has developed a test, which may diagnose Alzheimer’s disease 10 years before its […]

A P J Kalam: The legend lives on

Post Views: 118 To us the former President was like family. We met every once in a memorable while, dined together and created some indelible memories. I even sang for him once at the end of a much delayed meeting, at 12 in the night, on his request. So, even as the country bleeds tears […]

We are independent but are we free?

Post Views: 127 More than six decades ago India gained independence, meaning freedom from colonial governance. On this day in 2015 as we celebrate our tryst with destiny, it is indeed time to salute a whole generation of leaders from across all divides who led millions of Indians in an unprecedented show of human solidarity […]

Dial 104 for Blood, save Lives

Post Views: 141 If you want blood anywhere in India dial a single number, 104. Yes, 104 is now the default number for getting blood all across the country. Named Blood on Call the service makes it simple to save patients in a medical emergency. Once a call is received, the service delivers blood to […]

Dr Venkataramanaa wins coveted honour

Post Views: 186 Dr N K Venkataramanaa, Director of the Global Institute of Neurosciences and Vice Chairman of the BGS Global Hospitals in Bangalore, has been recognized as an International Fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, which was founded in 1931 as the Harvey Cushing Society. Dr Cushing (April 8, 1869 – October […]