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How to be ‘brainy’ at the exams

Post Views: 173 With examinations round the corner, memory is again at the centre of public discourse. Find out how your memory works from the mind of leading neurosurgeon, Dr N K Venkataramanaa. Memory involves neural, electrical and chemical processes among others and several steps like registration, consolidation, storage (retention) and recollection. Registration depends upon […]

The brain and the mechanics of memory

Post Views: 152 If the human brain is the crown jewel of creation and evolution, then memory is its most prized quality. It is an attribute that invests humans with special skills. Because of how important it is, memory is often a subject of concern among most of us, and developing a sharp memory a […]

A legend passes away

Post Views: 194 Padmashri Dr Raja Martanda Varma is no more. But the contributions of this legendary surgeon, teacher and visionary to the world of neuroscience will live on forever. Beyond greatness and even genius exists a rarefied realm that belongs exclusively to a very small league of men who leave behind work of everlasting […]

Immortal youth may be closer than you think

Post Views: 166 Sometime in not too distant a future it may become possible to not just slow ageing but reverse it. And this is not science fiction. Three research papers published back to back in April last year showed how old mice when injected with plasma extracted from their young brethren turned stunningly youthful, […]

BGS-Global is Best in Bangalore!

Post Views: 231 BGS-Global Hospitals is number one in neurology and third overall according to a survey published by The Times of India on March 31. The study analyzed market perception, desk research and factual data to arrive at a list of the very best tertiary medical care centres in the city both generally and […]

Brain transplant: Russian volunteers to donate his head!

Post Views: 219 In July 2013, Dr Sergio Canavero at the Italy-based Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group (TANG) revealed his plans to conduct the first human head transplant- – a project named HEAVEN-GEMINI. In June this year the doctor will present updated plans for the project at the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons’ 39th […]

Julius Caesar was hit by stroke not epilepsy!

Post Views: 229 For centuries historians and scientists alike have believed that the legendary Roman general Julius Caesar suffered from epilepsy. New research, however, disagrees with this theory and argues that Caesar might actually have been stricken by stroke. In his later years the great military leader credited for the rise of the Roman Empire […]

Head transplantation: The myth and reality

Post Views: 156 In Hindu mythology, the almighty Shiva is said to have ‘transplanted’ an elephant’s head on Lord Ganesha, in what is the first recorded instance of a feat that has thus far failed to break out of the realms of science fiction. Unfazed, however, visionary neurosurgeons around the world have spent whole lifetimes […]