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Drink, drive and die…merrily

Post Views: 352 If you think it’s macho to drive after drinking, think of the nearly 60,000 people who thought the same way and died in road accidents last year just in India On the night of December 31, even as a new year lay in labour, ready for birth, hundreds of people died on […]

Headers hit the brains of footballers

Post Views: 312 Can you imagine 22 bobbing skullcaps on a football ground? Well, if latest neuroscience research on the effect of all the head-banging that happens in the sport is anything to go by then the Messis of the world could be playing the beautiful game wearing head guards in not too distant a […]

Future of Brain: Love pill might be reality!

Post Views: 252 In the living world there is just nothing more mind-bogglingly remarkable than the human brain. But it is only now that researchers armed with advanced imaging technologies like FMRI and Tractography are beginning to unravel the deepest mysteries of this extraordinary organ. What they have uncovered is a complex network of super-specialized […]

The mind of religion: Belief and Bias

Post Views: 253 From one individual to another, the physical construct of the Human Mind does not change. Yet, it is every-day knowledge that no two people behave the same way, exhibit similar capabilities or believe in the same values. This phenomenon is best exemplified by our religious persuasions. Read more…

Is age a deterrent to surgery?

Post Views: 278 What matters is ones will to live on and fight not age. I realized this more than ever on the day I operated upon two patients; one 93 and the other 84. They were both willing to give life another shot—it was an edifying experience. Both these men are doing well post-surgery. […]

Dr Venkataramanaa is one of India’s eight most influential men

Post Views: 181 Dr N K Venkataramanaa, Chief Neurosurgeon at BGS-GIN, was recognized as one of India’s eight most influential individuals by Gulf Connoisseur, a premier luxury lifestyle magazine published in the UAE at its first ever annual awards function. This exclusive charity awards function held by the publication in partnership with Hebron Properties Bengaluru, […]

Suraksh Bharat unveiled on World Ambulance Day

Post Views: 227 Even as Bharat gets ready for a Swachh makeover, renowned neurosurgeon, Dr N K Venkataramanaa, on January 8 unveiled Suraksh Bharat, a movement that could transform India into one of the safest countries in the world, at a press conference on the World Ambulance Day in Bangalore. The task is uphill as […]