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Human Stem Cell Clock Reset to Zero

Post Views: 271 In this 3D rendering of confocal images, human embryonic stem cells are identified with a pluripotency marker (NANOG, in green). DNA methylation (red) is reduced in reset cells. [Wolf Reik and Gabriella Ficz, Babraham Institute] Adult human stem cells are routinely taken back to early developmental states—but not all the way back, […]

Cancer-killing stem cells engineered at Harvard

Post Views: 229 A team of Harvard Medical School scientists has engineered cells that can destroy cancer, marking another breakthrough in the red-hot realm of stem cell research. Their experiments on mice have proved that these cells secrete toxins that effectively target and kill brain tumours. Tests on humans will follow as a precursor to […]

Stem cell breakthrough sparks new hope in fight against Parkinson’s

Post Views: 262 Despite massive global efforts, Parkinson’s disease continues to defy a cure. The best patients can hope for currently is relief from its crippling symptoms with drugs and brain stimulation. There is, however, some good news pointing to a possible cure involving transplantation of stem cells to repair damaged brain parts. Already researchers […]

Stem Cells: Heralding a new era of hope

Post Views: 276 Over centuries our understandingof the brain has improved significantly. Yet the organ remains shrouded in mystery and evokes a great deal of curiosity from people of all ages—from the young to the very old. Everyone, regardless of age, wishes to have an intact memory and alertness. With the emergence of new technologies […]

Researcher uses stem cells to fight Alzheimer’s

Post Views: 485 For many years researchers at the University of Michigan have been injecting stem cells into mouse brains and coming up with remarkable discoveries. The experiments are among the first attempts to examine how stem cell therapies might alter the course of Alzheimer’s, a fatal disease that afflicts millions of people around the […]

A pluri-potent breakthrough

Post Views: 385 A new class of lab-engineered stem cells that can transform into nearly all forms of tissue has been identified by researchers. These cells cluster together in “fuzzy-looking” colonies and have, therefore, been named F-class cells. Published in Nature and Nature Communications, the discovery has the potential of enabling more efficient methods of […]

New stem cells research opens another flank against MS

Post Views: 339 Individuals with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis have shown encouraging response to a treatment involving the transplantation of a particular form of stem cell. The treatment led to an improvement in their neurological disability, quality of life, and cognitive function. The study involved giving patients an intravenous infusion of their own (autologous) stem cells […]

Stem cells revive chemo damaged cognitive functions in study

Post Views: 243 Is it possible to reverse damage inflicted on cognitive functions by chemotherapy? Sure, say doctors based on studies with neural stem cells. The preclinical research conducted on rodents by scientists at UC Irvine has shown that neural stem cells could indeed reverse a range of cognitive functions ravaged by chemotherapy. The study […]