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A wake up call on sleep disorder

Have you ever answered a phone instead of switching off the alarm when aroused abruptly from sleep? Or, have you seen anyone engaging in odd, confused behaviour when jolted out of slumber? If yes, then don’t be alarmed! According to a new study, one in every seven people suffer from “sleep drunkenness,” a neurological condition […]

Don’t sleep over snoring, it could kill you!

If you know someone who snores don’t laugh at his nocturnal habit, especially if you care for him. For, snoring could be sign of serious trouble. Says Michael Neeb, director of the Mercy Sleep Disorders Centers at St. Charles, St. Ann, and Mercy Children’s hospitals, “snoring could easily be an indicator of something bigger that […]

Sleep protein found in battle against anxiety

Do you suffer from a sleep or anxiety disorder? Don’t fret, for such problems are fairly common and now scientists appear to have zeroed in on a protein that plays a key role in regulating our internal clock. Targeting this protein may fix such disorders the scientists believe. The sleep protein called REV-ERB has been […]

Expert advise on how to get a full night’s sleep

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep for an active life. Not that well known is the fact that our body produces the most growth hormones when in deep slumber. Dr Laurence Smolley, at the Sleep Disorders Center at Cleveland Clinic Florida says that “recreational exercisers need a good night’s sleep even […]

Want to sleep well? Stow the phone away!

Here is news that gadget freaks must lose their sleep over. Phones, tablets and laptops can mess with your melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. Meaning: the glow inches from the pillow may not be such a bright idea if you are looking to have a good day. Harvard Medical School scientists have found specific […]

Nightmares and depression are bedfellows

Symptoms of depression and insomnia are the strongest predictors of having frequent nightmares say Finnish researchers. For evidence they point to the connection between nightmares and depression. In his study 3.9 percent of participants said that they had frequent nightmares in the previous 30 days. 28.4 percent of participants with severe reported frequent nightmares were […]

Now you can beat insomnia with education

If you don’t know this then its time you woke up: Sleep is as important for good health as nutrition and exercise. Meaning, it’s no good if you exercise your boots off and gorge on spinach and whole grains if you don’t get the required amount of sound sleep every night. For a healthy life […]

Snoring may indicate diabetes

A Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center study in Boston has linked snoring and sleep apnea to high blood sugar among seniors. The study states that people with breathing problems in sleep are two times as likely as sound sleepers to develop diabetes. Most symptoms of diabetes like weight loss, increased thirst or urination are so […]

Epilepsy sleep study finds sleep deprivation is a trigger for epileptic seizures

Epileptic seizures are associated with sudden electrical activity in the brain. Now, doctors have found evidence showing that such attacks may be triggered by lack of sleep. A number of adverse health conditions including reduced appetite, loss of concentration and chronic diseases are linked to sleep disorders. The advent of new technologies like electroencephalogram (EEG) […]

Sleep is good for learning languages

It may not always be wrong to sleep on one’s job—certainly not if the job involves learning a new language, says a study conducted in Germany. When we hear words we have just learned in our sleep we tend to understand and better remember their meanings. “Anyone can easily adopt and use our method every […]