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Binge drinking impairs brain activity

Binge drinking impairs brain activity

Post Views: 304 Further to earlier studies which demonstrated changes in the resting brain activity of alcoholics, scientists have reported similar distortions in the brains of young people who indulge in ‘binge’ drinking: five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women over a 2-hour period. Alcoholic beverages are consumed worldwide, […]

Learning about language from birdsong

Post Views: 231 Songbirds are a rare species which learn to speak (or sing) like we do, making them the perfect specimens to learn about the origins of language in the brain. Many animals make sounds – lions roar and frogs croak. But most don’t learn to make sounds the way we learn how to […]

Depression alters brain structure

Post Views: 321 A new scientific report published by the University of Edinburgh shows reduced white matter integrity among people with major depressive disorders. Scans done as part of the study revealed that white matter (a mass of tracts that enable brain cells to electrically communicate with one another) is altered among people in the […]

When we talk, our brains synchronise

Post Views: 314 It is known that when we converse with people our brains synchronise with theirs. A new study looks at how this happens. Apparently, brainwave rhythms among all those involved in a conversation ‘adjust’ or fall into an alignment in line with the ‘physical properties of sounds produced when talking’. More specifically, brainwave […]

What causes food cravings?

Post Views: 285 One reason why most diet plans fail is because of our craving for food often high in sugar and fats. At times the craving is so overpowering that it can break the resolve of even the most resolute dieter. It seems uncontrollable. In short, food craving is a fat stumbling block on […]

Revealed: The secret behind an Alpha Male

Post Views: 274 What turns a male into an Alpha Male? According to new research involving mice this is caused by a neural circuit. When stimulated the neurons in this circuit dramatically increased the chances of a mouse winning aggressive encounters with other mice according to the study. Across the animal kingdom social hierarchies are […]

What goes on inside the brain of a psychopath?

Post Views: 266 Why does a normal looking human turn into a Jack the Ripper? According to dictionary a psychopath is a person with a horrible mental disorder that leads to violent, often murderous behaviour. But thus far it has been near impossible to understand what happens in the brain that turns a human into […]

The gentler symptoms of dying

Post Views: 217 Thanks to the interdependence of our organs, dyeing is rarely as painful as it looks. Morbid as it is, this masterpiece on how life passes into death published in the New York Times is a must-read to understand the drama of the ultimate, inescapable reality of life. “The human body’s most compassionate […]

How brains make preference-based decisions?

Post Views: 218 Why do you choose blue over white or reach for a sweet instead of savoury? Innumerable times through our lives, our brain makes preference-based decisions that governs the choices we make. Now researchers are close to finding out how. A study published in a recent edition of Nature Communications by a team […]

Music helps recovery from stroke

Post Views: 253 An article published in Stroke by the American Heart Association says that horse-riding and rhythm-and-music therapies benefit stroke patients. Specifically, they help their “perception of recovery, gait, balance, grip strength and cognition,” it says, “even years after the occurrence of stroke.” The effect of these stimuli is much greater collectively than individually, […]