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Kids too can get a stroke

Post Views: 353 Bucking popular belief Dr. Ryan Felling at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine says that strokes are not purely a concern of the old. Sure, pediatric strokes are rare, not more than 11 per 100,000, but certainly not impossible. Be it adults or children the warning signs are the same corresponding […]

A breakthrough in battle against stroke

Post Views: 285 The risk of sustaining a serious disability from a stroke can be reduced with the use of peptides, researchers in West Australia have found. “It is an important development in stroke research,” said Professor David Blacker, medical director, West Australian Neuroscience Research Institute. Experimental peptides succeeded in reducing the volume of damage […]

Clot retrieval, a new ‘stroke’ of hope

Post Views: 364 A study involving patients in New Zealand has proved the efficacy of a treatment that removes blood clots from the brain. The procedure dramatically improves the recovery of stroke victims. Recently a young patient in Auckland affected a full recovery from a stroke which threatened to leave him with severe mobility issues. […]

Tools help unlock brain mysteries

Post Views: 340 An advanced set of analytical tools is helping scientists unravel some of the brain’s deepest mysteries and open new horizons in stroke-related research. Developed by an international collaboration these tools provide a never-before look into cell types in the brain, says Associate Prof Ruth Empson, of the University of Otago physiology department […]

A sense of purpose protects brains

Post Views: 264 If you are a senior citizen and lack a strong sense of purpose, then gets one, it may save your brain from tissue damage. New research involving autopsies of adults in their 80s showed far fewer “macroscopic infarcts” – dead tissue caused by blocked blood flow – among people who felt they […]

Strokes affect women more than men

Post Views: 280 If you thought gender bias was a social problem think again. According to new study by researchers in Taiwan the after-effects of stroke are more pronounced in women than men. “Women appear to have more lasting and intense memory impairment issues over the long run following a concussion,” said the scientists who […]

Strokes age the brain by eight years in a single night

Post Views: 279 In one fell stroke, literally, your brain could age by eight years, according to the results of a new study carried out at the University of Michigan U-M Medical School and the School of Public Health and the VA Center for Clinical Management Research. The finding is based on the performance of […]

Want to avoid stroke? Eat chocolates!

Post Views: 302 There is no feeling to beat falling in love. Wrong. Eating chocolates produces the same feeling in the brain. Plus, now it appears, it protects your heart and brain, from attacks and strokes! Wow. So, go ahead and dig into a juicy bar of rich dark chocolate with zero guilt. For long, […]

Even tiny brain lesions signal future stroke risk

Post Views: 260 A new study conducted by Dr Gwen Windham, an associate professor of geriatrics at the University of Mississippi in The US have revealed that the presence of small injured areas or lesions in the brain may suggest an elevated risk of stroke or stroke-related death among otherwise normal people. Dr Windham observed […]

Brain stroke can be avoided with physical activity

Post Views: 350 Medical experts have said that brain stroke can be avoided by regular physical activity, not smoking and limiting the consumption of alcohol. This was among the observations made by leading neurologists at an event organized by Aayush hospital in the run up to the World Stroke Day, October 29. Read more…