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Parkinson’s Disease

Dance your way out of Parkinson’s

Post Views: 220 Everywhere around the world Parkinson’s wrecks the lives of thousands of people every year. At particular risk are the elderly. However, where medical science has proved ineffective in curing the disease, dance is stepping in. Sure, by providing an outlet to people afflicted with the crippling neuro disorder to express themselves, world-class […]

The gloves are on in fight against Parkinson’s

Post Views: 237 At the Tazmanian Boxing Club in north Carson City, clients are receiving much more than training to become pugilists. They are gaining an upper hand in the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. Gym owner Francisco Rodriguez has partnered with Nina Vogel, a licensed physical therapist with Carson-Tahoe Health, to offer a therapeutic way […]

Deep brain stimulation stirs new hope

Post Views: 349 Read how a DBS implant, similar to a pacemaker, has altered the lives of thousands of Parkinson’s patients worldwide. A DBS implant stimulates areas of the brain causing neurological and motor symptoms. This is still not a cure, but DBS does come with the promise of giving PD patients far greater mobility […]

Scientists knocking on New Era in PD Treatment

Post Views: 273 Since there are dozens of mutations associated with PD, the world is moving rapidly towards personalised medicine, an approach that factors in the unique genetic and molecular blueprint of each patient. Read about the most promising personalised therapies emerging around the world…therapies that may finally crack the PD puzzle and produce a […]