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Parkinson’s Disease

Study uncovers possible treatment For Parkinson’s disease

Post Views: 242 Researchers at the University of Bath in the UK have experimented with treating Parkinson’s at the molecular level with a specially designed peptide that adheres to malformed proteins known to be responsible for Parkinson’s progression. The process developed by the scientists cap the growth of these damaged protein structures and thereby prevent […]

A keyboard to detect first signs of Parkinson’s

Post Views: 274 A group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers cracked an algorithm that is capable of detecting even minute fluctuations in the way you type on a keyboard. This is being seen as the first step to getting an early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. The way in which a person hits a […]

Anti-malaria drugs could treat Parkinson’s disease

Post Views: 455 Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School in the United States have found that it may be possible to treat Parkinson’s disease with anti-malaria drugs. The chemical structure shared by chloroquine and amodiaquine, the medicines used to treat malaria, enables them to bind and turn on […]

Depression is precursor to Parkinson’s disease

Post Views: 267 The risk of Parkinson’s disease is significantly higher among people with depression than the general population. The severely depressed are at the greatest risk, according to an article published online last week by Neurology, the journal of the American Academy of Neurology. In fact depressed people are three times more likely to […]

Gene therapy averts Parkinson’s

Post Views: 267 In an animal study a gene-based therapy inhibiting the production of a brain protein thwarted the development of Parkinson’s disease, according to a report published online in the Journal of Clinical by researchers at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. The findings may throw new light on how genetic and environmental […]

FDA okays brain implant for Parkinson’s patients

Post Views: 196 Parkinson’s patients in The US can now use the Brio Neurostimulation System, a device that alleviates their symptoms. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the implant developed by St. Jude Medical in St. Paul, Minnesota. The device is for patients whose tremors and other Parkinsonian symptoms cannot be mitigated by […]

A breakthrough for Parkinson’s patients

Post Views: 219 Parkinson’s stricken individuals resistant to conventional treatments may finally have something to cheer about, if the optimistic enthusiasm of a neuroscience professor over a ‘ground breaking’ surgical procedure proves to be well founded. Although it may be years before it becomes publically available, the man behind the new surgical approach, Professor John […]

Immune gene can check Parkinson’s disease

Post Views: 224 According to a research team at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark Parkinson’s disease (PD) and dementia can be thwarted by functional changes in an immune regulating gene. The team of researchers reported in a recent edition of Cell that functional changes in Interferon-beta (IFNbeta), an immune regulating gene are associated with non-inheritable […]

How marriage can inspire fitness

Post Views: 230 Women who cycle (or engage in any similar fitness activity) in tow with their spouses, exercise for twice as long as those who do it all by themselves. This is the finding of a study conducted by the Michigan State University’s Department of Kinesiology involving 58 women. The study found out also […]