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Parkinson’s Disease

'zombie cells' could check Parkinson’s

Purging ‘zombie cells’ could check Parkinson’s

A trial has revealed that it may be possible to stave off Parkinson’s disease by flushing out zombie cells from the brain, signalling a fresh approach to treating this incurable neurodegenerative disease that disables and kills thousands of people around the world every year. The new study conducted on mice promises to open a new […]

Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

The future for patients of Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases has until recently been hopelessly bleak. But a new class of drugs promises to dispel the sense of despair surrounding these neurodegenerative diseases that inexorably strip patents of their memories, personalities and ability to move and speak before finally killing them. The drugs showed their [...]

Parkinson’s disease: Six new genetic risk factors unveiled

Scientists have pin-pointed more than two dozen genetic risk factors involved in Parkinson’s disease based on data from over 18,000 patients. Six of these had not been reported previously. Published in Nature Genetics the study, was led by scientists working in NIH laboratories. Andrew Singleton, Ph.D., a scientist at the NIH’s National Institute on Aging […]

Exercises benefit Parkinson’s disease patients, scientists prove

Analyzing data from nearly 5,000 patients with Parkinson’s disease, scientists at Northwestern Medicine have found that regular exercise leads to better quality of life and slows the rates of decline among Parkinson’s patients. “This study throws up a number of important pointers highly relevant to physicians managing Parkinson’s patientst,” said Tanya Simuni, MD, director of […]

E coli bacteria may hold key to treating Parkinson’s

Scientists have found that the accumulation of potentially toxic amyloids – a hallmark of diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can be inhibited by a protein in E coli bacteria. Proteins that fold wrongly and group together form Amyloids. Assembly of these amyloids at the wrong place or time they can damage brain tissue and cause […]

Common medicines increase risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease

A new has study has found that prolonged use or higher doses of certain common drugs is associated with increased risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. The drugs falling in the category of anticholinergic block a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. The culprits include antidepressants like doxepin, first-generation antihistamines like chlorpheniramine, and some medications […]

Electric ‘noise’ treats Parkinson’s symptoms

Scientists in Sweden have claimed that a wearable device, which stimulates a sense of balance with electric “noise” could help mitigate the symptoms Parkinson’s disease. A portable pocket-sized balance, stimulation device or vestibular has been developed by the scientists at the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy in an effort to improve the lives of Parkinson’s […]