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Now an enzyme bullet to hit glioblastoma

Post Views: 444 An enzyme key to the survival and spread of glioblastoma cancer has been identified by a team of multicenter researchers. Since this enzyme is absent in healthy brain cells, it presents a promising target for ant-cancer drugs. “The discovery of this may have opened a way to ensure that these cancer cells […]

Tetanus shot may boost brain cancer survival

Post Views: 247 A glioblastoma patient has survived 9 years after she was diagnosed with the deadly cancer. She was given a simple tetanus shot in combination with a vaccine treatment. Invariably, glioblastoma kills its victims within a maximum of 15 months post diagnosis regardless of the treatment. And this is not a stray case. […]

A Novel Way to Improve Vaccine Efficacy in Brain Tumors

Post Views: 350 For years scientists have tried to beat back glioblastoma using immunotherapy, a process that turns the body’s own immune system against the deadly cancer but with very little success. Finally, however, a new study published in Nature, researchers claim to have discovered a way to improve the outcome of immunotherapy among glioblastoma […]

Researchers find drug that could check spread of glioblastoma

Post Views: 197 A drug that targets a protein called TROY thereby limiting the spread of glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive brain tumour has been developed by researchers in Phoenix, US. Called propentofylline or PPF, the drug helps in increasing the potency of temozolomide (TMZ), and radiation, which are standard response to the deadly […]

Research points link between Glioblastoma & dopamine

Post Views: 215 Glioblastoma to date remains the deadliest and most aggressive cancerous brain tumour resisting all currently available treatments. A study by Canadian team of scientists has spearheaded brain cancer research into the field of neuro degenerative medicine and neuro-chemical signalling. New connects between glioblastoma and dopamine have been explored. It is a well […]