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Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Losing sleep is never a good idea. It has adverse health consequences on everyone if the deprivation is chronic or regular. However, some people are affected more than others for reasons that scientists are just starting to uncover. “The uneven affect of sleep deprivation among different people may be owing to our varied genetic make-up,” […]

'zombie cells' could check Parkinson’s

Purging ‘zombie cells’ could check Parkinson’s

A trial has revealed that it may be possible to stave off Parkinson’s disease by flushing out zombie cells from the brain, signalling a fresh approach to treating this incurable neurodegenerative disease that disables and kills thousands of people around the world every year. The new study conducted on mice promises to open a new […]

Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

Breakthrough in treating neurodegenerative diseases

The future for patients of Alzheimer’s and other similar diseases has until recently been hopelessly bleak. But a new class of drugs promises to dispel the sense of despair surrounding these neurodegenerative diseases that inexorably strip patents of their memories, personalities and ability to move and speak before finally killing them. The drugs showed their [...]
Exciting! New drugs slow Huntington’s progress

Exciting! New drugs slow Huntington’s progress

In what is being hailed as ground-breaking, science has found a drug that promises to slow down the progress of Huntington’s, a thus far incurable genetic illness that kills brain cells. The drug retards the disorder by suppressing the effect of Huntington’s genetic mutation. This is the first drug to show any such promise and […]

Parkinson’s disease: Six new genetic risk factors unveiled

Scientists have pin-pointed more than two dozen genetic risk factors involved in Parkinson’s disease based on data from over 18,000 patients. Six of these had not been reported previously. Published in Nature Genetics the study, was led by scientists working in NIH laboratories. Andrew Singleton, Ph.D., a scientist at the NIH’s National Institute on Aging […]

Exercises benefit Parkinson’s disease patients, scientists prove

Analyzing data from nearly 5,000 patients with Parkinson’s disease, scientists at Northwestern Medicine have found that regular exercise leads to better quality of life and slows the rates of decline among Parkinson’s patients. “This study throws up a number of important pointers highly relevant to physicians managing Parkinson’s patientst,” said Tanya Simuni, MD, director of […]

Now an enzyme bullet to hit glioblastoma

An enzyme key to the survival and spread of glioblastoma cancer has been identified by a team of multicenter researchers. Since this enzyme is absent in healthy brain cells, it presents a promising target for ant-cancer drugs. “The discovery of this may have opened a way to ensure that these cancer cells do not turn […]

Now, human motor neurons from stem cells

The degeneration of neurons responsible for motor activity, known as motor neurons, leads to paralysis and even death in many diseases. However, scientists may have found a way to help the body manufacture replacement neurons for these dying cells according to a new research report. The breakthrough has been published in Nature Biotechnology by researchers […]