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Brain Tumour

Neuroendocrine cancer halted by chemo-radionuclide therapy

Post Views: 382 The fight against advanced cancer of the neuroendocrine system has received a major boost with the arrival of a novel therapy—a blend of powerful radionuclide treatment and chemotherapy drugs. This was revealed by researchers at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging’s 2014 Annual Meeting. In a study carried out by […]

New potential avenues for Glioma therapy open

Post Views: 333 A study in mice indicates that invading glioblastoma cells hijack cerebral blood vessels during early stages of progression of the disease and damage the brain’s protective barrier. It is a finding that may open new ways to plot the death of the tumor with therapies that reach these deadly cells at an […]

For deadliest brain cancer, it’s surely not man’s world

Post Views: 320 Fact: Glioblastomas, the deadliest of all brain cancers, afflict many more men than women. Reason? Not clear, so far. However, in a recent paper, researchers from Washington University have said that this may be because of the relative inactivity among men of a protein that reduced cancer risk. Dr. Joshua Rubin and […]

Finding keys to glioblastoma therapeutic resistance

Post Views: 321 Glioblastomas, the deadliest of all brain cancers, are notoriously resistant to drug therapy. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine may have found out why this is so in at least at least certain types of the killer disease. “Our study demonstrates that the sensitivity of glioblastoma to […]

A brainwave that may fix cancer

Post Views: 341 Two scientists at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) in Singapore appear to have yanked open a new flank in the battle against Glioblastoma, a swift and deadly form of brain cancer that kills most of its victims within 18 months of diagnosis despite surgery and chemotherapy. Only last week, a 29-year-old US […]

Firewood may fuel childhood brain tumour

Post Views: 292 A common enough implement for cooking particularly in rural India and in urban slums, choolas could cause children to be born with brain tumour. Latest research shows that compounds like benzene and other substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released by firewood are potentially carcinogenic and could cause brain tumour among fetuses. “Exposure […]

Now an enzyme bullet to hit glioblastoma

Post Views: 445 An enzyme key to the survival and spread of glioblastoma cancer has been identified by a team of multicenter researchers. Since this enzyme is absent in healthy brain cells, it presents a promising target for ant-cancer drugs. “The discovery of this may have opened a way to ensure that these cancer cells […]

A Novel Way to Improve Vaccine Efficacy in Brain Tumors

Post Views: 350 For years scientists have tried to beat back glioblastoma using immunotherapy, a process that turns the body’s own immune system against the deadly cancer but with very little success. Finally, however, a new study published in Nature, researchers claim to have discovered a way to improve the outcome of immunotherapy among glioblastoma […]

Exercise is good for countering effects of chemotherapy

Post Views: 339 A new study by the Netherlands Cancer Institute shows that breast cancer patients who adhere to a physical exercise regimen through their chemotherapy suffer from fewer side effects like fatigue, physical disability, nausea and pain. Writing in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the researchers said that even small amounts of low intensity […]