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Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Why does sleep deprivation affect some more than others?

Post Views: 572 Losing sleep is never a good idea. It has adverse health consequences on everyone if the deprivation is chronic or regular. However, some people are affected more than others for reasons that scientists are just starting to uncover. “The uneven affect of sleep deprivation among different people may be owing to our […]

Brains empowers patients on World Parkinson’s Day event

Post Views: 260 In association with the Basal Ganglia Group, Brains Hospital organised an event on April 7 to educate and empower patients of Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers. Addressing the widely attended event, the founder and Chief Neurosurgeon of Brains Hospitals said that armed with far superior understanding of the disease medical science was […]

'zombie cells' could check Parkinson’s

Purging ‘zombie cells’ could check Parkinson’s

Post Views: 554 A trial has revealed that it may be possible to stave off Parkinson’s disease by flushing out zombie cells from the brain, signalling a fresh approach to treating this incurable neurodegenerative disease that disables and kills thousands of people around the world every year. The new study conducted on mice promises to […]

Walk-active Not Talkative Nation-news

Walk-active Not Talkative Nation

Post Views: 381 Let’s make our talk walk for safety sake! The best cities in the world are taking to walking like never before. We are motoring in the opposite direction with 150,000 road kills annually. Read this for health and safety For more read

Exciting! New drugs slow Huntington’s progress

Exciting! New drugs slow Huntington’s progress

Post Views: 495 In what is being hailed as ground-breaking, science has found a drug that promises to slow down the progress of Huntington’s, a thus far incurable genetic illness that kills brain cells. The drug retards the disorder by suppressing the effect of Huntington’s genetic mutation. This is the first drug to show any […]